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Grapevine Shooter Dressed in Santa Suit

Police say they are talking to relatives of the seven people found shot dead in an apartment off Hall-Johnson Road Christmas morning.

But Police Lt. Todd Dearing says investigators may never know exactly what sparked the shooting.

Dearing: We strongly believe that the shooter is amongst the deceased. Ah, we do believe the shooter is one of them. We wanted to send a message to people in the apartment complex and in the immediate area that we don’t believe there’s a gunman running around.

Lt. Dearing says the suspected shooter was wearing a Santa suit. He says two handguns were found in the apartment. Both had been fired. Investigators say all of the victims are related by blood or marriage. The four women and three men range in age from 15 to 58.

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Fort Worth officers shoot and kill gunman

A 29-year-old man has been shot and killed by Fort Worth police after authorities said he fired at police cars responding to reports of a man firing a weapon.  

Christopher Johnson was identified Sunday night as the man shot by officers after screaming at them he was combat trained and ran from his house holding a gun to his head. When he refused officers' commands to drop his weapon and continued running toward police, he was shot.

Neighbors described the shooting to The Fort Worth Star-Telegram as like a scene from a movie. They also characterized Johnson as a troubled veteran of the Iraq war.

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30 years later, Texas man gets bike frames back

A Texas man who once built some of the lightest-weight BMX Blazer bicycle frames has retrieved four brand new vintage models and brought them home in time for Christmas.

The Lufkin News reports Sunday that Mike Maberry and his partner handcrafted the frames for two years beginning in 1981. He says the lightweight frames made of aircraft tubing became known among BMX racers.

Due their limited production, Maberry says he was surprised to get a phone call two weeks ago from one of his Blazer factory riders saying he had found a frame online and it was still in the box. After a few phone calls, Maberry says he tracked it to a long-closed bike shop in Shreveport, La.

He says he drove to Louisiana and bought them back. 

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Texas lawmakers: patients need better protection

Two Texas lawmakers say they want to pass laws to better protect mental-health patients after allegations emerged that employees at Dallas' Parkland Memorial Hospital had abused the mentally ill.

The Dallas Morning News reports that State Senators Judith Zaffirini and Jane Nelson will work to pass legislation ensuring caregivers handle patients safely. Nelson is chairwoman of the Health and Human Services Committee.

Zaffirini says she wants new training and hiring standards for psychiatric technicians and stronger sanctions for hospitals that break the rules.

The Dallas Morning News has reported that Parkland staff have used dangerous restraints on patients without the proper supervision, and failed to report at least 10 abuse allegations since 2007.

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Lost last month, blind dog goes home for Christmas

Thanks to Craigslist, a school teacher and an animal care agency, a blind dog, believed to be dead, and his San Antonio family are enjoying a Christmas miracle this year.

The San Antonio Express-News reports nearly a month after Stevie Oedipus Wonder disappeared from his home and was reported dead, these three forces aligned to bring the cairn terrier mix puppy home for Christmas.

Stevie showed up at the Animal Care Services on December 11th. He would have been euthanized but a school teacher agreed to care for him over the holiday. Then she found the Gutierrez's Craiglist lost dog notice and connected the dots to his owners.

Stevie went home on Thursday.

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Christmas card rests for first time in 61 years

A Christmas card that has crisscrossed the country as part of an old joke between two Texas men will rest this holiday for the first time in 61 years.

Eighty-nine-year-old Actor Hanks says he first sent the card in 1951 to his friend, Lee Kelley, as a joke. The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports that a year later, Kelley mailed it back.

This sparked a tradition that continued after Kelley died when his widow mailed the card back to Hanks.

But last year, the card was returned to Hanks unread. He believes Kelley's widow has moved to a nursing home.

He says he will frame the now-tattered card that is decorated on the outside with a Christmas tree and a holiday greeting. Inside are dates documenting the card's seasonal journeys.

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Alien Giant Prawn Threatens Texas

Gulf Shrimp A gigantic, alien species of prawn is beginning to appear in Texas coastal waters, posing a threat to native species of shrimp and crab.

The Asian tiger prawn is a foot-long crustacean that not only devours the same food as their smaller shrimp but also dine on their smaller cousins, as well as crab and young oysters.

The Texas Sea Grant program at Texas A&M University reports three tiger prawns have been found in Aransas Bay north of Corpus Christi, one in Sabine Lake at the Louisiana border, and one in the Gulf of Mexico 70 miles off the Freeport coast.

Leslie Hartman of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department tells the Houston Chronicle that "it has the potential to be real ugly, but we just don't know."

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