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Gov. Perry Explains His Stylish New Glasses

Aug 26, 2014

So who's Gov. Rick Perry wearing as part of his bookish new look?

The Republican's stylish specs are Inspiration by designer Jean Lafont. His wife Anita picked them out.

While attending the groundbreaking of an Occidental Petroleum complex in Midland on Tuesday, the governor showed The Associated Press his glasses.

He's worn them about a year, trying to soften his cowboy image for one that's more humble.

The glasses are a centerpiece of his rehabilitation effort nationally, following a disastrous 2012 presidential bid. Until now, though, little was known about them.

Perry didn't say how much they cost, but Internet searches indicate that the frames alone retail for $516.

Despite being indicted this month on two felony counts for abuse of power, Perry is considering a 2016 White House run.

Campaign funds to pay legal bills, Perry says

Perry says that campaign funds, not taxpayers, will pick up his legal tab to deter complaints.

He told reporters Tuesday in Midland that he had considered it appropriate for state funds to pay his legal fees because a criminal investigation dealt with his official duties as governor.

Perry has pleaded not guilty to two felony charges of abuse of power. At least $80,000 in taxpayer dollars have so far been spent on his defense.

Following questions over who would pay for a new team of high-powered attorneys, Perry announced last week that campaign funds would start footing the bill.

Perry said "to keep having folks grouse about it, we'll pick up the cost as we go forward."