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GOP Senate Candidate Address 15,000 Tea Partiers In Dallas

Jul 27, 2012

National tea party favorites took stage at a packed American Airlines arena in Dallas last night.  South Carolina Senator Jim Demint was among those who told a crowd of 15,000 that Tea Party conservatives across the country are poised to defeat incumbent Republicans again this year.

"Everybody’s been saying the tea party’s gone, they fizzled. The grassroots activists are not here. But they’re here today. And America’s hearing from you again," he said.

The rally was sponsored by FreePAC which helps Tea Party groups organize voter support for their candidates.

That includes U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz who fired up last night’s crowd.

Cruz is in a close, runoff race with Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst for the party’s nomination.

The FreePAC rally was coordinated with conservative TV host Glenn Beck who is expected to draw tens of thousands to Cowboys Stadium today and tomorrow.

Former presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann are among conservatives signing books on Saturday.