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George H.W. Bush Moved From ICU; Barbara Bush Discharged From Hospital

Jan 23, 2017

Former President George H.W. Bush was moved from the intensive care unit Monday at Houston Methodist Hospital where he has been undergoing treatment for pneumonia.

Bush, 92, was admitted to the hospital on Jan. 14 for shortness of breath. Almost 10 days later, he is still recovering from his illness but progressing. He was using a ventilator in the ICU to help with breathing for several days last week, but the breathing tube was removed Friday, The Associated Press reports.

Dr. Clint Doerr said during a news conference Monday that the former president has been sitting up in bed watching TV, asking for oyster stew and saying that he wants to go home. Former first lady Barbara Bush was discharged from the hospital Monday after undergoing treatment for bronchitis.

Barbara Bush, 91, was admitted to the hospital last Wednesday, just a matter of days after her husband checked in. She had been experiencing fatigue and coughing.

Being hospitalized, the couple could not attend President Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday. But, the couple had decided weeks before that they would not be able to go due to their advanced age and health. But the 41st president sent a letter to Trump on behalf of himself and his wife saying they'd be there in spirit.

Barbara Bush was told she could return home Sunday, but family spokesman Jim McGrath said she opted to stay one more night in the hospital to fully recover and to stay close to her husband.

The Bushes have been married for more than seven decades — the longest marriage of any presidential couple in American history.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.