Garland School Board Picks Rob Morrison Its Lone Superintendent Finalist

Jan 24, 2013

The Garland School Board has unanimously picked Dr. Rob Morrison as its lone finalist to be the next GISD superintendent.

For the last four years, Morrison has been Mansfield’s Superintendent, but he says he couldn’t pass up the chance to lead the larger Garland district. He says his biggest immediate challenge is meeting state requirements that students pass fifteen tests to graduate, while also letting them be people.  

“Students need the opportunities to be students and explore. If you focus all your efforts just on testing, a lot of times students aren’t able to explore  the things  so they can decide what they want to do with their careers, whether that be in a career field or whether that be in college.”

Morrison leaves a district of about 33,000 students to head Garland’s, with nearly twice that number. He says he has no idea what he’ll earn, but trustees say his salary could be in the quarter million dollar range.

After a state-required 21-day wait, the Garland district can officially name Morrison its superintendent.

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