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Five Reasons To Vote Today

Nov 6, 2012

Why use your power? Election results parties, pleas from the past, helpful tools and more.

Because Even JFK Is Asking You To

The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas recently put a rare video on YouTube that shows President John F. Kennedy urging America to go out and vote on Tuesday, November 6th.

And PBS’ Newshour recently uncovered an ad from Gerald Ford's 1976 re-election campaign featuring this line:

"When a limousine can parade openly through the streets of Dallas, there's a change that's come over America."

A secret focus group ensured the Ford commercial was scuttled, as the above quote uttered at around the 3:20 mark made the ad “too frightening, too emotional.”

-- Justin Martin

Because The Google Will Find Your Polling Place For You

The two search engines have offered up their own polling-place-locator tools.

So which is better? Google or Bing?

Essentially, Microsoft and Google both accomplish the goal of directing you to the right polling place. But -- suprise -- Google’s better. It’s tool has ballot info and contact numbers for election officials. Also, if Google can’t find the right polling location, it actually links you to officials who can.

-- Justin Martin

Because The Rest Of The World Can’t Vote

It seems like the entire world is anticipating the results from tonight’s face off between the contenders for President of the United States. But who would the rest of the world choose?

A recent BBC survey asked people in 21 countries who they’d prefer.

FYI: It’s overwhelmingly Obama, with only one country wanting a Romney victory.

-- Justin Martin

Because The Parties Will Reward You Tonight

If the long lines give you pause, remember they could lead to places tonight where civic-minded individuals who’ve thought of little else for weeks will gather to scan election returns and get jumpy/spirited/mortified as a unit on this occasion.

Here are a couple such nonpartisan events:

D Election Night Live | The Granada, Dallas

Live music by The Burning Hotels, AiR DeeJay of Track Meet, and DJ Paris Vidal, who is also designer/knockout Jane Aldrige of Sea of Shoes fame. Returns on giant screens.

[Deb Doing Dallas at the Observer lists four more options in the D.]

Election Results Party | Dan’s Silverleaf, Denton

Friendly neighborhood bar across from the townie newspaper holds great potential for hosting memories tonight if you’re up north.

-- Lyndsay Knecht

Because Your Cat Will Judge You If You Don’t

Staying home all cozy tonight, able to truly relax because you cast your vote? Well, KERA has that plan covered, with local, state and national races on 90.1 and Channel 13 starting at 7 p.m.

Use #Election2012 in your rants and we may pick them up in our live blog action at

-- Lyndsay Knecht