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Elegant Dallas Goes To ‘The Store’

Dec 7, 2012

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Neiman Marcus devotees, the illegality of secession, Dallas as a sinless city and more.  

It’s in the windows, the lights and the Christmas Book thick with pipe dreams. Neiman Marcus still lends Dallas a sparkle almost 30 years after filmmaker Frederick Wiseman followed the institution’s most fashionable (and particular!) customers as they fussed in the mirror over $45,000 coats for his documentary, The Store. You gotta dodge French subtitles to see an excerpt -- it's worth it.

Texas Theatre is screening the 1983 print on Saturday, followed by a cocktail party and music by Deep Shade’s Gina Garza. Find tickets and more info here.

  • Prepare to chill out. KERA's BJ Austin reports that an arctic blast is headed this way and could drop temperatures into the 20s by Monday night. Plus ... wait for it ... we might see a few snowflakes.
  • If you’re the kind for whom holiday parties are occasions to practice disappearing, writer Sophia Dembling’s appearance on Think to discuss her book The Introvert’s Way this week could make you feel much less alone. Introverts from all over North Texas called with testimonials of parents who tried to make them “mingle” (shudder) since childhood, when they had no interest in or talent for small talk -- and still don’t. [Think]
  • Why would anyone want to actually buy Lee Harvey Oswald’s bathtub? Not sure, but Gordon Keith explains its very sensitive place as a haven for his wife, Marina, from her stormy marriage. The tub and toilet from her house at 604 Elsbeth in Dallas are on auction on eBay. The piece is a wrenching reminder of who else John F. Kennedy’s assassin hurt. [Dallas Morning News]
  • In what has become a familiar mode of promotion, another dating site has ranked cities according to salacious possibilities -- or lack thereof. Dallas ranks among the top 10 least sinful cities in the United States according to whatsyourprice.com, which asks users to “bid on a chance to fall in love with smart, sexy people.” And what are those? According to a survey by that site, the perfect Dallas woman is brunette with hazel eyes; a social drinker with a bachelor’s degree. [GuideLive, Dallas Morning News]