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DISD Graduation Rates Rise

Jul 2, 2012

On his first official day as Dallas’s new Superintendent, Mike Miles called it a great day, thanks in part to higher graduation rates for the fourth straight year.

"Our graduation rate improved from 74 to 77 percent. That’s incredible, thanks to our teachers, our staff, out principals, and our students. It's really good news for us. It’s great to start the first day off with that kind of news," he said.

Miles says dropout rates fell among all ethnic groups. But instead of continuing what’s worked so far with no changes, Miles says hard work lies ahead. He wants graduation rates rising to 90 percent in the next few years, with more students graduating college or career ready.

As for Chamber of Commerce billboards welcoming him to Dallas, Miles says he was embarrassed, but happy to see community support for the school district.