DISD Board President Says Pay For Performance Should Apply to Cabinet

Dec 13, 2012

Dallas School Board President Lew Blackburn says if pay-for-performance goals are good for teachers, they should apply to highly paid cabinet members recently hired by Superintendent Mike Miles.

 Blackburn wants those executives to take a 25 percent pay cut. He says if they meet performance goals, they’ll earn more than that much back.  "What is not acceptable to the public I’ve talked to and that have emailed me and texted me and so forth have said is,  ‘We’re paying too many people too high a salary.’ And this is one way for them to voluntarily say ‘I’ll take a pay cut.  I didn’t come here to gouge the community but I am here to help.’  Blackburn says Superintendent Miles favors pay for performance goals for principals and teachers. And Miles has said he might like it for everyone, but he does not want to cut salaries.  Blackburn intends to put his item on the school board agenda in January or February.