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DFW International Is The Second Cheapest U.S. Airport To Fly Out Of, New Rankings Show

Jul 27, 2016

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Unlike last year, DFW has more affordable round-trip airfare than Love Field; the Texas delegation breakfast became heated Tuesday; several D-FW burgers were missing from Texas Monthly’s “50 best” list; and more.

Everyone has a preference between Dallas/Forth Worth International and Dallas Love Field, right? The two airports — one a Manhattan-sized, American Airlines hub, and the other, a Southwest haven that’s recovering from a recent major outage — couldn’t be more different.

Well, when it comes to airfare affordability, the 2016 report from CheapFlights.com might have some flyers switching teams. With an average round-trip fare of $203, DFW ranked No. 2 out of the 101 most-searched airports for the month of June. Daugherty Airport in Long Beach, California beat DFW by a mere $1 for the top spot.


Love Field, however, ranked No. 48 with an average round-trip cost of $319, a price jump of 27 percent from last year, Dallas Business Journal reported. In the 2015 index, the two North Texas airports were in the opposite position — Love Field ranked No. 3 and DFW, No. 29.

DFW’s prices decreased almost 39 percent from last year, coinciding with the overall drop in airfare among U.S. airports. Read the full report. [CheapFlights.com, Dallas Business Journal]

  • Tensions came to a head over at the Texas delegation breakfast Tuesday. Russell Lytle, a Bernie Sanders delegate from Denton, took the stage and suggested condemning "our currently presumptive nominee," The Associated Press reported. Lytle’s remarks were met with boos and one Clinton backer’s angry comment, “Stop this nonsense! You need to grow up!” Garry Mauro, the Clinton campaign’s top representative in Texas, tried to calm the crowd, which took several minutes, The Texas Tribune and AP reported. Lytle left the stage, issued a statement about the moment of “passion” and voluntarily turned in his convention credential, according to state party officials. [The Texas Tribune, The Associated Press]
  • A black pastor and white police officer in North Texas meet once a month to break bread and break down weighty issues. The Rev. James M. Hutchins and Frisco Assistant Chief of Police Darren M. Stevens have been meeting for lunch every month since the infamous McKinney pool party in June 2015. During the incident, a white police officer made national headlines after he shoved a black teenage girl to the ground. KERA sat down with the two for lunch this month. Hutchins and Stevens talked about how they can improve the relationship between police and minority communities. They've also become friends.  [KERA News]
  • Texas Monthly released a list of the 50 greatest burgers in Texas, but Dallas Observer thinks they missed a few. There’s no question whether Texas Monthly did its research: The magazine sent 24 people out across the state that managed to sample 367 different burgers altogether. Texas Monthly asked readers to mention any oversights, so Dallas Observer obliged with six Dallas burgers that shouldn’t have been missed, like the cheeseburger at Remedy. “I will be writing a weird letter in magazine cut-out letters, or penned in ketchup, to the Texas Monthly team for missing out on this one.” D Magazine vouched for a Denton bite as well. [Dallas Observer, Texas Monthly, D Magazine]
  • In Oliver Twist-like fashion, a woman has been accused of using children as pickpockets. Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported: “The woman, Gail Denise Pratt or “Momma Gail,” was identified as a suspect in January after she was seen on surveillance video shielding a young girl as she lifted a wallet out of a woman’s purse at a Snuffer’s in Addison.” Addison police say Pratt then used a credit card from the stolen wallet to buy things from a retail store. Pratt was arrested on July 7 while at a Dallas post office. [Fort Worth Star-Telegram]