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DFW Airport Ponders Impact Of AA Bankruptcy

Dec 1, 2011

Dallas, TX – DFW Airport Board members will wait at least another week to get additional details of American Airlines' bankruptcy, and how that might affect the airport's finances. KERA's BJ Austin says the discussion at Thursday's Airport Board meeting was sketchy.

Airport Board member, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price says it's too early to know just how the airport may be affected by the airlines' bankruptcy - what cuts in flight schedules for American and American Eagle may mean for the airport's income from landing and departure fees. She says airport officials assured the Board the impact would be limited. Mayor Price says she's also concerned about jobs.

Price: I mean American employs 20-something-thousand folks in the DFW region, a huge part of those being in Fort Worth alone. In today's economy, it worries us about the jobs. But we're optimistic they're going to emerge and be profitable once again, but jobs are a major concern.

Mayor Price says the Airport Board is looking at a special meeting, likely December 12th, to discuss the bankruptcy of the airport's major tenant. American and American Eagle account for 85% of all DFW passenger traffic. Mayor Price says by then the bankruptcy and creditor committees will have met and more details will be available. She says maybe that will calm some fears.

Price: People are nervous. When a major company like that files for bankruptcy, everybody's rightfully nervous. But, we've had other corporations who've filed for reorganization for Chapter 11 and they came out doing very well.

Mayor Price says she expects that from American Airlines.

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