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Days Filled With Grief For Family Of Man On Missing Flight

Mar 11, 2014

A North Texas family continues to pray for more information on the Malaysia Airlines jet that went missing between the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea. The plane carried 239 passengers, including Keller native Philip Wood. 

Philip Wood's younger brother, James Wood, said he had not slept much since Malaysian officials contacted him and his family four days ago.

“I can feel my body getting tired," James Wood said. "I can feel my mind getting tired…but at the same time on the other end of the world, there are people searching and they're putting all their effort and emotion into looking. So I'm going to pray for them as they're searching…to help us on this side of the world.”

While airline investigators search for clues to what happened to the Malaysian plane, Wood and his family have been desperate for news, and inundated with media requests to share their story. “You know we’re still coping with the shock and we are relying on friends that are helping us out, church family,” he said.

The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing was only supposed to be six hours, but about two hours after take-off, the plane disappeared, and along with it, 50-year-old Phillip Wood. He is the father of two sons. “We all understand the stage of grief when you look at it intellectually, but when you go through it personally, it doesn’t quite process the way you think it will process," said James Wood. "I’m doing a job, for my parents, by helping them deal with some of that grief.”

He said until now, he didn’t really know what it was like to have a loved one there one day, and then gone the next. His oldest brother was in Texas just a week ago, and now nobody knows if he’ll ever be back.