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DART Considers Fare Hikes

Jun 5, 2012

Dallas Area Rapid Transit is proposing fare hikes for most riders, to cover additional services. The public will have a chance to chime in on the changes over the next few week. But it’s no surprise many dislike them.

DART says because of expanding Orange and Blue line rail service, cleaner gas-powered buses, and a new Transit fleet, fares must rise to fund the growth. A $65 monthly pass will now cost $80. Other fares will go up too.

Franklin Fuller: I think it would be ridiculous for them to raise it up right now, we really can’t afford it as it is now.

Franklin Fuller, disabled and on a fixed income, sits on a DART bench at the busy downtown transfer station. He’s especially surprised to learn the half price, peak-hour fares for seniors, students and disabled riders like him, are scheduled to disappear.

Franklin Fuller Oh no, that’s not going to work. That’s not going to work. I don’t see how we’re going to be able to afford that. We’ll be paying regular fare during those times then?

Current DART fares and proposed fare hikes

Al McCrury: I don’t think it’s fair.

DART user Al McCrury sits nearby.

McCrury: It’s bad enough people not working now. The economy is worse, so they jack the price up on us? That ain’t…you would think they would lower the price. It’s just wrong to jack the prices up because they know they can do it.

But many riders, like Joe Coppiger, who don’t have a car, say they have little choice.

Joe Coppiger: It’s still cheaper than buying a car, insurance. So.

The first community meeting on proposed fare hikes is set for Tuesday night in Richardson. More meetings will follow in Irving, Carrollton and elsewhere. DART officials will explain the need for fare hikes and collect rider comments. The public hearing is scheduled for June 26th at DART’s downtown board room.