Dallas School Board Could Move A Step Closer Tonight To Buying $15 Million High Rise

Feb 27, 2014

The Dallas School Board could move a step closer tonight to buying a $15 million downtown high rise building on Pacific Ave. That’s only if trustees agree to put up $100,000 in earnest money.

Superintendent Miles made the case to buy a large, centrally located building. It would consolidate at least three DISD buildings now spread across Dallas, and save money over time.

Board member Nancy Bingham says the approach makes sense.

“We’ve got finance in different buildings, we’ve got IT and tech in different buildings.  Now whether it’s Pacific Place or another property, that’s to be determined. But it would be a good move to at least combine.”

Some trustees are on the record wanting to approve the earnest money. They say that does not mean the district will buy Pacific Place.  It just means they’ll examine in detail whether it can meet district needs and if the price is right