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In Dallas To Promote His New Film, Chris Rock Does Some Sightseeing

Dec 10, 2014

Did you see Chris Rock around Dallas today?

He’s in town to promote his upcoming movie, Top Five, which he wrote and directed. (Oh, and he also stars in it.) It opens Friday.

Rock introduced the film this morning at the AMC theater at NorthPark Center.

He took a break to do some sightseeing – here he is exploring the cattle sculpture in downtown Dallas.

Chris Rock checks out the cattle sculptures in downtown Dallas.
Credit Viacom

Looks like the cattle are about to run him down. No wonder he looks a bit scared.

Read Rock's recent interview with The Associated Press.

Here’s an excerpt of an AP review of Top Five:

Writer-director Chris Rock is not Andre Allen, the stand-up comedian turned movie star lead of "Top Five." But, it's almost impossible to watch his latest effort, a cutting comedy about showbiz, creativity and ambition, and not wonder what material Rock took from his own life. While that's a fun and compelling draw, thankfully, it's only part of the triumph of the film. In "Top Five," Rock manages to transcend the gimmick and his larger-than-life persona, to create one of the most vibrant, self-aware comedies of the year.

Learn more about Top Five

Video: Rock on stand-up and his new film

Rock has been making the rounds, giving myriad interviews. Here he is on CBS' Sunday Morning.