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Dallas Plugs In Pilot Car Charging Stations

Jan 11, 2012

Dallas is launching three pilot programs for electric cars and charging stations. KERA’s BJ Austin says the city wants to be ready when electric cars really start to sell.

Three companies will install a total of 13 charging stations at Dallas Love Field, Executive Airport, Fair Park, City Hall and the Central Library – at no charge to the city.

For a year, the city will provide free electricity for the public at 10 of the stations. Council member Linda Koop says the estimated cost is about $1800. She says it’ll be well worth the investment.

Koop: This is part of a very long commitment the city has to provide alternative types of technology for vehicles. We get three vehicles. We get the charging stations. We reduce nitrogen oxide pollutants by the amount typically attributed to electric vehicles.

City officials say it costs about two dollars to fully charge an electric car. At the end of the pilot year, the city gets to keep two of the three electric vehicles and all of the charging stations.

Council member Koop says the pilot program will provide information on how many people use charging stations. City officials expect that number to grow, and want to have an EV, or electric vehicle, strategy in place in the next year.

Right now, the city has 84 hybrid/electric vehicles in its fleet. Dallas County has 34 Nissan Leafs, and 62 Chevy Volts registered.