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Dallas Gas Drilling Hits Snag

Dallas, TX – Natural gas drilling in Dallas hit a bump at City Hall yesterday.

The City Plan Commission denied a "special use permit" that would allow XTO Energy to drill a dozen wells on part of Hensley Field, city-owned property in West Dallas.

XTO's Walter Dueease pointed out drilling safety features in the permit, and that the nearest homes are quite a distance from the old military air field. But neighbor Jennifer Land argued that doesn't make it safe.

Dueease: Any one of the well bores to the residences is 898 feet or approximately three times that distance which is provided for in the city of Dallas gas well ordinance. It is a question with profound public health implications which cannot be undone, and can, and should only be knowledgably decided by a task force of scientific experts.

After several hours of discussion, the Plan Commission voted to take the drilling permit under advisement until April of next year.

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