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Cotton Bowl To Get Nip-Tuck For More Modern Look

Oct 1, 2012

The fix is in at the Cotton Bowl, where a new steel mesh will be installed at the end zones.

The mesh will mask the now-exposed underside of the end zone bleachers that were added in 2008. This is just part of $25 million in planned upgrades approved by the Dallas Landmark Commission.

Designer James Carpenter says the Cotton Bowl is likely the first stadium to use the stainless steel mesh.

“It is a material that’s used on interior spaces and some exterior spaces, particularly in Europe, in Germany in particular where some of these materials were first developed,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter says the mesh will give the stadium a more contemporary look while preserving the historic face of the Cotton Bowl.

The concourses and press box will be also upgraded and new club seating will be added.

Work should be finished in time for year’s State Fair and the 2013 Texas-OU matchup.