Conservative Filmmaker Targets Remarks By Battleground Texas Workers About Abbott

Jan 24, 2014

James O’Keefe is at it again. The controversial conservative activist has focused his hidden camera on Battleground Texas – the Democratic operation trying to turn Texas blue.

His Project Veritas operation released a video this week showing a Battleground Texas worker laughing and talking about Greg Abbott, the Republican candidate for governor, being in a wheelchair.

Abbott, who’s been paraplegic since being hit by a tree limb at age 26, spoke about the video on Fox News Thursday night.

“Denigrating the disabled is unworthy of Texas,” Abbott said. “The reality is Texans look beyond superficial appearances. What Texans really look at is depth of character.”

His opponent for governor this fall, Democrat Wendy Davis of Fort Worth, renounced the worker’s comments.

“Look I think the language that is used in that video about Greg Abbott is abhorrent,” Davis said in a statement. “He has preserved through a great personal challenge to raise a family and have a productive career and for that he deserves out respect.”

Davis said if those comments had been made by any of her paid campaign staff, they would be fired.

O’Keefe’s hidden-camera targets have included voter-registration efforts before the 2008 election, health care “navigators” in Texas last fall and an NPR fund-raiser in 2011.

Reporting from David Martin Davies of Texas Public Radio was used in this story.