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Chief Fires Four Dallas Police Officers

Dallas, TX – Four Dallas Police officers have been fired. KERA's BJ Austin says they're off the force for offenses ranging from profanity-laced phone calls to intoxication assault.

The firings were the result of disciplinary hearings before Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle. Department officials say two officers, a Senior Corporal and a Lieutenant plan to appeal their dismissals.

The Lieutenant was fired for making profanity-filled phone calls to the Waxahachie High School principal while ON DUTY: and, doing it twice, the second time after he got notice of three days suspension for the first call.

One officer is facing intoxication assault charges for injuries a woman suffered when the officer's car slammed into hers; a previous arrest for public intoxication, and making threatening comments to a supervisor.

Another officer faces a deadly conduct charge for firing his gun at a woman's car in Garland in a road rage incident. That officer denies firing his weapon. And a Senior Corporal was fired after his arrest on hot check charges.

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