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Chelsea Clinton Visits Universities in North Texas

Dallas, TX –

While her mother was campaigning in South Texas today, Chelsea Clinton visited three universities in North Texas. KERA's Rachael Dunlap attended her appearance at UT Dallas...

Chelsea Clinton:
I'm not more proud of anyone in the world. I don't believe in anyone more. So please, ask whatever questions are on your mind as you think about whom to support.

Chelsea Clinton avoided speeches. She instead opened the floor to the 200 or so students and community members who came to see her at the UT Dallas Student Union.

They asked about health care, education and her mother's vision for foreign policy.

Chelsea Clinton:
We desperately need a new foreign policy. Yes, it is about ending the war in Iraq and bringing our troops home, but it is also about getting back into the business of cooperating with the world on global issues like global warming, for instance.

More than once, students asked Chelsea how Hillary Clinton planned to make college more affordable.

Chelsea Clinton:
So, what does she want to do? Well, expand the maximum Pell Grant available. She wants to expand tax credits for families. She wants the Federal Government to get back into direct student lending. But one thing that she has proposed that is really radical is to allow people's public service to count as payment in kind.

Chelsea avoided specific questions about her own opinions. Student David Vashover did not care for that.

David Vashover:
I'm glad she came, but I felt like for some questions she just kind of brushed them off, and that was a little disheartening.

Other students liked what they heard from Chelsea but left unsure of whether to vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. They will get another chance to compare the two when they debate tomorrow at UT Austin.

Rachael Dunlap, KERA News