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Booze At the Alamo? Commissioner: It's a Complex Issue

Jul 16, 2012

A fight is brewing over whether alcoholic beverages should be allowed at an event facility at the Alamo.

With tourists strolling among the flower beds at the rear of the Alamo compound, it doesn’t seem like the question of alcohol consumption would come up. But there’s a reception hall near the back wall that Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson said was never part of the battle grounds.

“This building was a fire station built in 1922 and if you look at the original boundaries of the Alamo compound as it existed in 1836, we are not in that boundary at this time,” he said.

Patterson came to San Antonio to answer questions about the recent decision to permit alcohol to be served at catered events at Alamo Hall and the adjoining patio.

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas issued a statement saying they strongly object to serving alcohol at the Alamo complex. Patterson said the rule change would benefit the Alamo.

“We want to draw as many people as possible. We’d like to have a reception here every night. The booking fees go to the Alamo account and that is used for the preservation, restoration and maintenance of the Alamo,” he said.

Patterson said he came to correct misinformation that alcohol would be allowed in other parts of the Alamo. He said the rule change applies only to Alamo Hall and its patio, accessible by a rear gate on the Crockett Street wall.