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Best Places To Live In U.S. For Young People? Arlington – And North Texas

Dec 12, 2014

For people 35 and younger, Arlington is where it’s at, according to one survey. It’s among the country’s best places to live for young people.

Arlington is ranked No. 2 among the country’s largest cities on Vocativ’s second annual Livability Index. Only 35 cities were chosen.

Several other North Texas cities scored well -- Fort Worth is ranked No. 12 and Dallas is No. 14.

Irving ranked No. 21, while Plano ranked No. 23. Garland came in at No. 35.

So, for young folks, Fort Worth is cooler than Dallas -- but Dallas is cooler than Houston, which ranked No. 16.

The No. 1 city? New York City.

Vocativ points to Arlington's sports venues as one reason why the town is so great for young people.
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'Measure what matters most'

Vocativ, an online media company, says the index was created for people who are young, “ethnically diverse, overwhelmingly single and saddled with student loans—to measure what matters most when picking a place to call home. Jobs. Housing. Diversity. Fun.

Vocativ generated its rankings using the 100 biggest cities in the country, narrowing the list down to the top 35 based on salary and employment rates, the cost of rent and utilities, public transportation, weather and crime. Vocativ also factored in “lifestyle metrics” and access to live music and sports.

Why Arlington?

“Literally everything is cheap in Arlington,” Vocativ says. “Jobs are on the rise in Arlington, too, although you might have to work at Six Flags. (Sounds pretty fun to us.) A night out in revamped downtown or at Division Street dives won't break the bank.”

Fort Worth ranks No. 12 on the list of best cities in the U.S. for people under 35.
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And what about Fort Worth?

“Groceries and a night out on the town are among the most affordable on our list, while cheap gas and cab fares make it easy to get around," Vocativ says. "Areas like the West Seventh Street Corridor and Sundance Square are becoming hipster-fied, and the stunning Kimbell Art Museum is a work of art in and of itself."


“It's also an affordable place to live compared with other major metropolitan areas, with cheap food and gas," Vocativ says. "It's a huge, sprawling city that boasts a lot of ethnic, racial and sexual diversity, with many distinct districts and neighborhoods to consider and a thriving downtown to explore.” 

Vocativ cites Dallas' affordability, as well as its "ethnic, racial and sexual diversity."
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Why does Texas dominate the list?

Other Texas cities made the top 35: Austin is ranked No. 5. Lubbock is No. 15. Houston is No. 16.

“You’ll see a lot of Texas on this list—the Lone Star State has cheap rent, gas and Wi-Fi, a ton of young people and a booming economy—while some of the country's biggest cities, like Miami, New Orleans and Philly, missed the cut entirely," Vocativ says.

Why is New York No. 1?

“It's home to the country's best public transportation system, has umpteen takeout options for every taste and offers a racial diversity that rivals the U.N.," Vocativ says.

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