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Bell Helicopter Breaks Ground on New HQ

Oct 15, 2012

Fort Worth-based Bell Helicopter breaks ground on a new quarter-billion dollar headquarters this morning.

Even through recent tough economic times and a potentially huge, impending defense budget cut, Bell Helicopter says it has done well. That’s thanks to the V-22 Osprey, and other military and commercial successes.

But Bell spokesperson Bill Schroeder calls the aerospace field competitive, He says a new headquarters will help make Bell a stronger, global player. “We’re not just competing with other aerospace companies. We’re competing with the Googles and Apples of the world for top engineering talent. A nice facility helps attract people. It also increases productivity, helps creativity, and ultimately produces a better product,” says Schroeder.

Reports indicate as many as 700 employees from Alliance Airport and some of Bell’s other Texas locations will relocate to the new headquarters. In addition to that building, Bell will also renovate and construct new facilities that will amount to a $1.2 billion investment. Schroeder says the headquarters should be finished by the spring of 2014.