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Arlington Police 'Tweet Along' DWI Enforcement

Dec 9, 2011

The Arlington Police Chief will be on patrol with the DWI Task Force, and is staging the Department's first "Tweet-along." KERA's BJ Austin explains.

Police Chief Theron Bowman will be tweeting reports and photos from DWI Task Force operations tonight. The Chief hopes it will help citizens get an idea of how serious the department takes DWI enforcement.

Because of the increasing number of traffic fatalities in Arlington this year, the holiday DWI Task Force went to work early, on October 31st. DWI patrols will be on the road through Januaary first looking for impaired drivers.

Chief Bowman will ride the shift in the passenger seat - tweeting events. He says he hopes the "Tweet-along" shows the community how the DWI Task Force works. The Chief says if at least one person hears about the Task Force and the Tweets and decided NOT to drink and drive, the social media ride-along will be a success.

Chief Bowman will use the hash tag: #tweetalong.