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Arlington Police Officer Saves The Same Pit Bull Twice

Jul 10, 2014

Last month’s Facebook posting of Arlington Police Sgt. Gary Carter’s gentle handling of a pit bull on the loose went viral and has had more than 12 million views. Now, Sgt. Carter has saved the same pit bull again.

In June, Carter answered a 911 call about a dirty, aggressive pit bull chasing some people walking in a neighborhood.   He found the dog wagging its tail, hungry and thirsty.  A protein bar helped lure the dog into the squad car for a ride to the animal shelter.  The dog named Jeffrey was reunited with its owner. 

But weeks later, Jeffrey escaped again and ended up back at the shelter.  This time, the owner told Animal Services he didn’t want the dog anymore. 

This morning, Sgt. Carter adopted Jeffrey so he wouldn’t be put down.   

“This dog keeps crossing my path, so it was meant to be,” said Carter. 

The first thing he did was change the dog’s name to Chance because he’s getting a second one.