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AMR Shares To Be Dropped From NYSE Trading

American Airlines' parent company, now in bankruptcy protection, says its stock will be dropped from the New York Stock Exchange.

 Shares sunk 18 cents, or 35 percent, to 34 cents in after-hours trading.

AMR Corp. said Thursday that the NYSE notified the Fort Worth-based company of the move after the average closing price of AMR shares fell below $1 for 30 straight trading days.

AMR filed for bankruptcy protection on November 29th.


Trader Joe's Will Share Space With Food Trailers

California-based specialty food chain Trader Joe’s is putting two more stores in NorthTexas; one in Plano, another on lower Greenville in Dallas. The Dallas Morning News reports the Dallas store will occupy the site of the old Arcadia theater that burned down five years ago.

Last month, a trailer park of food trucks was announced for the same site. Dallas City Council woman Angela Hunt expects both projects will proceed. She says the landowner told her the store will be on the southern half, the trailers on the northern half of the empty space.

Hunt: I think its going to be a perfect fit for the area and I think its going to be a great asset for lower Greenville.

The Dallas Trader Joe’s is set for the fall. Plano’s store could open this Spring.

Bill Zeeble, KERA News

Retail gasoline prices rise 4 cents across Texas

Retail gasoline prices across Texas have jumped 4 cents this week as motorists continue traveling during the holidays, some to New Year's gatherings.

AAA Texas on Thursday reported that the average price at the pump is $3.09 per gallon.The association says gasoline prices nationwide are also up 4 cents, reaching $3.25 per gallon.

AAA Texas says Texarkana has the highest average price statewide for gasoline, at $3.13 a gallon. El Paso has the cheapest gasoline, at an average $2.97 per gallon.

The association says the current statewide average is 19 cents higher than it was during the same time last year, but 80 cents lower than the record high for Texas 2011, which was $3.98 set in mid-May.


Memorial service set for victims

A memorial service will be conducted Friday for six people killed by a family member who then turned the gun on himself.

The remembrance comes a day after a private burial on Thursday. The shootings occurred on Christmas Day.

Authorities say 56-year-old Aziz Yazdanpanah, who had marital and financial problems, killed his estranged wife, their two teenage children, his wife's sister, his brother-in-law and his niece before turning the gun on himself at an apartment in Grapevine where his wife and children had been staying.

The brother of Yazdanpanah's wife, Ali Rahmaty, a surgeon from London, says the shooter had been unemployed for more than a decade.


Polygamist may have broken phone rules

Texas prison officials are investigating whether convicted polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs violated his inmate telephone privileges with a couple of calls to a relative on Christmas Day that may have been broadcast to an audience listening in.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Jason Clark says officials are trying to determine if Jeffs preached a sermon to his congregation over a speaker phone. That would be a violation of prison phone policy.

Clark says he doesn't know how prison officials became aware of a possible violation except to note that all calls made on through the agency's offender phone system are monitored and recorded.

Jeffs is serving life at the Powledge Unit in East Texas. He was convicted in August of sexually assaulting two of his underage brides.