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Abbott Defends Texas Opposition To Federal Health Plan

Mar 27, 2012

State Attorney General Gregg Abbott will have a seat in the US Supreme Court again today as Texas and 25 other states continue their three-day challenge of the federal healthcare law.

Monday Abbott joined church groups, Tea Party members and a chorus of activists on the steps of the Supreme Court building to talk with media about the health plan.

First day debate focused on whether challenges to the law are premature. Justices will now hear arguments on whether it’s legal for the federal government to require Americans to obtain health insurance.

Abbott, a Republican, says that issue is at the heart of Texas’ legal case.

Abbott: Never in the history of this entire country for more than 200 years has Congress passed a law compelling, forcing against peoples’ will to go out and purchase a product. This unparalleled, overreached, destructive use of force by Congress has to be stopped and that’s exactly why Congress is stepping in.

Abbott says Texas also opposes the federal plan because it increases the cost of the state Medicaid program by some $20 billion.

Almost six million Texans are without health insurance but would have coverage if the Supreme Court upholds the federal plan.