911 Tape Reveals Detective's Dramatic Story After Stabbing, Prisoner's Escape

Feb 13, 2013

After a prisoner escaped by stabbing one of detectives guarding him in a Grapevine parking lot on Monday, 911 tapes released today filled in some details of the dramatic scene. Miami Dade Detective Jaime Pardinas made the call to 911 after he'd been stabbed.

In the recording, Pardinas struggles to speak, saying he’s been stabbed in the neck. In spite of his distress, he manages to give a detailed description of 42-year-old Alberto Morales and tells the 911 operator that Morales is schizophrenic.

Pardinas' partner, David Perrero, was inside the Wal-Mart at the time. The two detectives were waiting for a third Miami-Dade officer to arrive to continue a road trip to Nevada, where Morales faces life in prison for aggravated sexual assault.

Sgt. Robert Eberling says Grapevine police think Morales, suspected of stabbing the detective with his eyeglasses,  is still in North Texas.