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2013 Was A Bad Year For Whooping Cough Across Texas

Feb 20, 2014

Throughout last year, we reported on the spike in cases of whooping cough across North Texas and the rest of the state. (Last September, the state issued a whooping cough alert.)

The numbers are in for last year – and they don’t look good.

Statewide, 3,908 cases were counted -- the highest since the 1950s. About 11 percent of patients were hospitalized. Five deaths were reported.

The Dallas Morning News reports:

  • Statewide, last year’s total of 3,908 was the highest since 1959, when 5,842 cases were counted.  
  • Dallas County reported 404 cases of whooping cough – the highest number in more than two decades.
  • Tarrant County reported 697 cases last year – beating a 1940 record.

Local health officials are encouraging people to update their immunizations against whooping cough (or pertussis). The News reports that an educational campaign will launch in March in Dallas County that targets schools, parents and doctors.