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Stephanie Kuo

Adminstrative Producer, Reporter

Stephanie Kuo is an award-winning radio journalist currently working as a reporter and administrative producer at KERA, overseeing and coordinating editorial content reports and logistics for the Texas Station Collaborative – a statewide news consortium including KERA, KUT in Austin, Houston Public Media and Texas Public Radio in San Antonio.

Stephanie’s focus is on health/science/technology and on the intersection of poverty, homelessness and urban development. She's won awards from the New York State Associated Press Broadcasters Association, the Texas Associated Press Broadcasters Association and the Public Radio News Directors Inc.

Stephanie received a master's of science from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, in its radio program, and a bachelor's in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin. Before coming to KERA in 2015, she spent three years in New York, working as an editor and producer at WFUV in the Bronx, and reporting on urban issues, like hunger, homelessness and the impacts of gentrification. Stephanie is originally from Plano, Texas, and spends her free time at the gym or binge-watching television.

Ways to Connect

Lorie Shaull/Flickr

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Texas woman behind landmark abortion case dies; Texas election officials suggest hundreds may have voted improperly; marchers gather in downtown Dallas to support immigrants and refugees; and more.

Stephanie Kuo / KERA News

A vigil was held over the weekend in Dallas’ Vickery Meadow for a homeless refugee. Mohammad Adam died in his sleep while inside an art installation cube in the neighborhood on Jan. 15. Community advocates say his death points to a lack of support for refugees in Dallas.

Courtesy of Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance

In January, the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance led its annual homeless count. The final numbers aren't in, but advocates say they expect the numbers should be similar to last year’s – including the fact that in Dallas, the homeless population is disproportionately black.

Stephanie Kuo / KERA News

Fried chicken is king in Texas. But it doesn't just taste great — making the perfect fried chicken is in intricate science. And to get at that science, we got the help of three key players from the North Texas chicken scene, who broke down the physics of the fry.

dickdavid / Flickr

Bicyclists in car country just got some good news: Transportation planners took a $7 million dollar step toward a commuter bike and pedestrian trail reaching from downtown Fort Worth to downtown Dallas.

The money approved Thursday will help build about 10 more miles of connecting trails. 

As is stands today, studies rank North Texas at or near the bottom for bicycle commuting -- in one survey of the country’s 70 biggest cities, Fort Worth was at No. 60, Dallas No. 65 and Plano dead last.