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Fort Worth Money Manager Cashes In On Trump With MAGA Fund

A North Texas money manager wants to make America great again, one investment at a time. For people concerned about a portfolio that undermines their partisan preferences, a new exchange-traded fund – ticker symbol: MAGA – was built from the most GOP-friendly companies. The fund’s founder calls it “politically responsible investing,” likening it to cause-based, social responsibility investment strategies.

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The High Five

KERA takes a look at five stories that have North Texas talking — buzz from D-FW and across the state.

DALLAS – Suzanne Sprague, KERA 90.1 Reporter: Advocates for an expanded master plan had been calling for the new analysis for weeks. They were led yesterday by Lori Palmer, who sits on the Master Plan Committee and who once represented Love Field on the City Council. Palmer told the Council the proposal would...

Dallas, TX – Suzanne Sprague, KERA 90.1 Reporter: The 1920's are called the Golden Age of the Art Dealer in Paris. But the period following World War I was much more than that. [Jazz music begins to play.] It was a time to celebrate all arts and culture, and Paris was the epicenter of this great party.

Charles Stuckey, Curator, Kimbell Art Museum: Everybody who was interested in art, music, drama, dance, wanted to be there.

Dallas, TX – KERA covered key North Texas races throughout the campaign season and election night. Final results are:

Tarrant County Sheriff - Dee Anderson (R): 274,609 (61.24%); Luther Perry (D): 173,774 (38.76%)

U.S. Congressional District 5 - Pete Sessions (R-I): 100,510 (54%); Regina Montoya Coggins (D): 82,685 (44.4%); Ken Ashby (L): 2,842 (1.5%)

U.S. Congressional District 12 - Kay Granger (R-I): 117,712 (62.7%); Mark Greene (D): 67,598 (36%); Rick Clay (L): 2,565 (1.4%)

Dallas, TX – Suzanne Sprague, Reporter: Professor Jim Riddlesperger, who teaches American politics at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, says the race for Tarrant County Sheriff just hasn't been the same since incumbent David Williams was defeated in the March primary.

Dallas, TX – Bill Zeeble , KERA 90.1 reporter: All through the Presidential campaign, Governor Bush has declared his plans for the projected federal budget surplus expected this decade. It could be as much as four trillion dollars.

Dallas, TX – Bill Zeeble, KERA 90.1 reporter: At times over the past few months, the race between the two leading District 5 candidates, Pete Sessions and Regina Montoya Coggins, has been a bit harsh. But in personal exchanges, like in yesterday?s only broadcast debate on KERA, the two have appeared civil and polite - Pete Sessions stressing his conservative record and beliefs in less government and talking tax cuts.

Dallas, TX – Kurt Hubler, KERA 90.1 Reporter: In a speech, delivered last September in Washington state, Texas Governor George W. Bush criticized the Clinton/Gore administration for a lack of action in addressing the needs of the nation?s park system.

DALLAS – Suzanne Sprague, KERA 90.1 Reporter: By the numbers, Governor George W. Bush is undoubtedly popular among Texas women. Two out of three female voters cast their ballots for him during his 1998 re-election campaign, including Taffy Goldsmith, a grandmother and long-time Dallas Republican activist.

DALLAS – Suzanne Sprague, KERA 90.1 Reporter: Jacques and Natasha Gelman met by chance in the garden of a Mexico City hotel in 1938; but once they married three years later, they began a lifetime of deliberate and serious art collecting that was a mirror of both modern Mexico and the Gelman's own lives.

Eleanor Harvey, Curator of American Art, Dallas Museum of Art: I think they felt very strongly that the art was a part of their family.


Latest from NPR

President Donald Trump's press conference on Wednesday recapping his two-week trip to Asia has been getting a lot of attention — and not only for the reasons the Trump administration intended.

During the press conference, Trump picked up and took a sip out of a water bottle with a label familiar to many of us: Fiji Water. A video of his drinking went viral.

From Texas Standard:

Some industries tend to have higher employee turnover than others, like meter readers, fast-food workers, telemarketing and customer service representatives – and prison guards.

When it comes to turnover, things are so bad in the Texas prison system that it’s being called a mass exodus. Now some are sounding alarm bells about staffing levels at many Texas prisons.

It’s a reversal of yet another Obama administration policy.

Deadly Floods Devastate Western Greek Cities

2 hours ago

At least 15 people are dead and a dozen injured after overnight downpours caused sudden and catastrophic flooding in cities outside Athens, according to Reuters. In western cities like Mandra, Nea Peramos and Megara, citizens lost homes, cars and businesses. Forecasters expect more rain tonight.

Addiction specialists caution against reading too much into a new study released this week that compares two popular medications for opioid addiction. This much-anticipated research is the largest study so far to directly compare the widely used treatment Suboxone with relative newcomer Vivitrol.

Researchers who compared the two drugs found them equally effective once treatment started. But there are fundamental differences in the way treatment begins, which makes these findings difficult to interpret.


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